A first for Yellowbox, exhibiting at the annual Tees Valley Business Summit. What a day we had as well.

Over 700 people had signed up to attend the day, and I think they got pretty close to that number attending! And why wouldn’t you go?

Some of Teesside’s finest businesses, investors and funding providers on show, as well as an esteemed lineup of speakers in the seminar rooms.

Speaking of which, we delivered a talk titled “The Full 360”. This highlights the importance of connecting all digital channels and removing the risks of being over-reliant on one single platform.

The seminar room was full and we had some fantastic questions and feedback at the end of the talk.

This is a problem that I have seen countless times with clients, and I want to educate people on the importance of not throwing all of your eggs in one basket. This helps with reporting and how you scale your companies marketing efforts.

Tees Valley Business Summit

We had the superb idea of giving all attendees the opportunity to get a brand new headshot taken by our media team. People usually pay for this, so we were saving all attendees some money there. It’s also an ideal opportunity to show you all just how good that team is. 

We had some brilliant feedback from everyone who came by praising us for the idea. I can confirm this wasn’t one of my masterstokes, that was Milly.

It was a short ideas meeting to come up with that. It is transcribed below:

“Hi Everyone, what should we do as a pull for our stand at the Tees Valley Business Summit?”

“What about free headshots?”

Meeting complete.

All in all, we had a great day. We spoke with plenty of friends, clients, potential clients and everything inbetween. We look forward to catching up with you all soon and sending those lovely headshots your way.


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