Wasley Chapman


Finance & Accountancy

Campaign Duration

6 months

Wasley Chapman stands as an accounting powerhouse, boasting a rich history since its inception in 1918. Having 4 offices dotting the North East, in Middlesbrough, Whitby, Scarborough, and Saltburn. They’re not just any accounting firm; they’re the number-crunching experts, offering a range of services ranging from bookkeeping to payroll and beyond.

The Brief

As seasoned collaborators, we’ve worked on countless campaigns together, but in January 2024, we decided it was time to level up. Gone were the days of broad-strokes marketing. We set our sights on ROI like never before, aiming to squeeze every ounce of potential from our efforts. In turn we offered Wasley Chapman the opportunity to achieve something greater – a laser-focused SEO strategy that would speak to the locals while showcasing their unparalleled expertise in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

The Process

We started by crafting specific service and location pages which target the surrounding areas that Wasley Chapman serves. These weren’t just pages; they were portals, inviting users to explore the breadth of services offered. Twenty-two pages later, and we’d painted a vivid picture of Wasley Chapman’s domain.

The next step was to optimise these pages’ content, we didn’t just sprinkle keywords and call it a day. We meticulously monitored the performance of these pages in the SERPs, observing how users interacted with our creations. Over each passing month, we tweaked and tailored the content, which ultimately catapulted their keywords from the shadows of page 2 to the limelight of page 1. But that’s not all – by keeping a hawk’s eye on user behaviour, we transformed humble contact forms into veritable lead magnets.

The Outcome

Over the span of six months, we reached a huge 212% increase in website visitors, from a modest 126 in October to a bustling 393 by March. But, we didn’t stop there.

In just three months, we didn’t just attract visitors; we converted them into tangible leads, increasing contact form submissions by a staggering 160%. Skyrocketing their average contact form submissions from a modest 10 lead forms submissions per month to an average of over 26.

In the world of accountancy, where numbers reign supreme, these results were a testament to Wasley Chapman’s satisfaction. Our ongoing collaboration has transformed their online presence, turning searches into success stories and clicks into clients.

Comparing traffic during the opening months of the campaign

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