Why You Need To Constantly Update Your WordPress Website

Firstly if you’re not entirely familiar with WordPress, it is an open source Content Management System that 25% of all websites on the Internet use, including your website!

The main benefit of using an open source system is that is continuously being updated and improved by developers all over the world.

Due to these constant updates it is important that your website is kept up to date with the latest version of WordPress and Plugins that are installed on your site.

Here is a list of things you can do to keep your site secure and up to date:

How To Keep Your Site Secure

Security is the most important reason to keep your WordPress website up to date. Due to WordPress’s popularity it is going to attract the attention of hackers who want to insert malicious code on WordPress websites. But being popular isn’t a bad thing and the huge benefit is having thousands of developers world wide that help build WordPress and are able to identified vulnerabilities and integrated fixes into the most recent versions of WordPress.

If you have a WordPress website you will also have Plugins installed which allow you to do certain things such as set up contact forms or for SEO purposes. These Plugins also need to be kept up to date as older versions of the plugins will have vulnerabilities which can leave your website open to malicious attacks.

To keep your site up to date you must regularly log in to your site and make any updates that have been flagged in your WordPress Dashboard. You should also make regular back ups of your website files and database.

Increase the Speed of Your Website

Keeping your site updated won’t just improve security it will often improve the performance of your WordPress site which is great for users who are browsing your website. Faster loading speeds also affect how Google ranks your website so keeping your site up to date and loading faster will help you improve your rankings.

Take Advantage of New Features

Updating to the latest version of WordPress allows you to take advantage of new features such as improved UX design of the admin screens and being able to access your WordPress dashboard on desktop, tablet and mobile making it even easier to update your website.

Bug Fixes

Despite the amount of testing WordPress does before releasing a new version, there are sometimes bugs that slip through the cracks and updating your WordPress version will help to fix the issues.

Advice – Before You Update Your Website

ALWAYS BACK UP! When updating your WordPress website please make sure you always make a back up your website files and database. Having these back ups allows you to reinstall them should the updates not complete exactly how they should.

Would You Prefer We Took Care Of Your Website Back Ups?

If you’re not already part of our Monthly Maintenance package then you should know that here at Yellow Box Marketing, we offer a managed WordPress hosting service where we provide scheduled maintenance and back ups of your WordPress website and plugins. This is a relatively low monthly fee which keeps your site secure and functioning exactly how it should.

If you’d prefer to do the back ups yourself then please follow the advice above and if you do get stuck, just give our office a call on 01642 715340

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