Firstly, if you’re not entirely familiar with the world of WordPress… WordPress is an open source Content Management System that over 25% of websites on the Internet use. Because WordPress is an open source this means it is continuously updated and improved by developers all over the world!



Security is important throughout our lives so why stop when it come to your website? Security is the most important reason to keep your WordPress website up to date. Due to its popularity, WordPress can attract the attention of unwanted visitors (such as hackers) who can insert malicious code on WordPress websites.

Plugins are installed on all websites and these allow you to do certain things such as set up contact forms or impressive marketing tools for SEO purposes. These Plugins all need to be kept up to date too as they have vulnerabilities as time goes on.

Don’t get us wrong, being popular isn’t a bad thing and the huge benefit of using WordPress is having thousands of developers worldwide that help build and identify vulnerabilities.



No one likes a site that takes too much time to load. Your customers want quick results and sometimes are not too keen on waiting round. Keeping your site up to date won’t just improve security but will often improve the performance of your WordPress site too. So, happy customers all round!


Keep it fresh

Keeping your site up to date will give you access to more WordPress features, such as new design options, better customer accessibility, additional plugins, beautiful layout templates and more.


Bug Fixes

Despite the amount of testing WordPress does, there are sometimes bugs that slip through the cracks and updating your WordPress version will fix the issues.



ALWAYS BACK UP! We repeat, ALWAYS BACK UP! We have all been there when your laptop shuts down and you get that sicky feeling in your stomach. When updating your WordPress website make sure you always back up your website files and database. This allows you to reinstall them should the update not complete correctly.

At Yellow Box Marketing, we offer a managed WordPress hosting service. We provide scheduled maintenance and backups of your WordPress site and plugins, allowing you piece of mind and your website to run as smoothly as possible.

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