Video marketing is an essential tool for any business, no matter what sector you are in. Using video is advantageous for many aspects of your business. From raising brand awareness and driving sales to promoting your products or services and establishing a relationship with prospective customers.

Video marketing is helpful at all stages of your buyer’s journey. Whether it’s awareness, consideration or when they’re making a decision. Following watching a video, could be the time your prospective customer starts to follow your brand online or turns into a sale.

Brand awareness


Video can increase your brand awareness. This is because brand awareness deals with the emotions and values that people associate with your brand, and videos can portray just that!  Creating videos for various campaigns can be crucial for connecting with your audience and raising your profile. Subsequently, this will have a positive effect on other areas of your business.  


By posting videos on your social media channels too, you can gain social likes and shares that will help reach your target audience and increase your brand awareness. So, if you want greater engagement, video content is essential. Especially, since it is very accessible and easy to share.

Staying relevant to consumers by communicating brand values and culture is essential to building brand awareness. With regular online content, you will increase your visibility and become known as a reliable source before your prospective customers turn to your competitors.

Build trust with customers

Videos enable you to give a behind the scenes to your business. They can add a human touch to your brand which is beneficial as a smile or face led video leads to a 13% lift in video view rate and will then lead to a rapport being built with your customers.

Trust is the foundation of sales.  So, there is no better way to gain it than through videos on your social media, emails or website. It is also a beneficial way to find out what your audience likes and produce more video content that is the most engaging.

One way to build trust with your videos is through storytelling. Storytelling is key when it comes to video marketing. It allows you to connect with your audience by showing and telling who you are. Video marketing can show what your business is all about whilst leaving a memorable impression on your target audience.

The benefit of making it personal means you don’t even have to have professional videos. For instance, video content from your phone for live social media videos or Instagram reels are ideal for encouraging people to engage with your page.


Increase leads and sales

Furthermore, video marketing can help you increase leads and sales. You can streamline your buyer’s journey process and stand out from competitors. You can produce videos for every part of the awareness, consideration and decision stages. By including calls to action in just one video could push your potential buyer into investing in your product or services.

Another great way to use video content to increase leads and sales is through having an ‘explainer video’ on your product service landing page as 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process and almost 50% of internet users look for product related videos before purchasing. 

Product tutorial videos are also effective because they can help you show customers how the products work and what to expect in real life before they make a purchase. Additionally, 1:1 short targeted videos work well too. They can be personalised and sent to various demographics at various stages of their buyer journey.


Here are some statistics for you to see for yourself how effective video marketing can be for your business-


  • 76% of businesses say video has helped them increase sales
  • 80% of marketers say video has increased time spent on their website
  • 83% of business believe that video marketing gives them a good ROI
  • 81% of customers have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video


Your video collateral can stay relevant long after it is first released. Therefore, it can be repackaged in different areas of your overall marketing strategy. For example, as part of a blog post or email and social campaign. Subsequently, this enables you to continuously introduce new prospective customers to your brand.

Videos are quick and easy to consume. So, it also allows you to grab your audience’s attention whilst educating or entertaining them.
In short, there is no better time than now for you to invest in your video marketing strategy. 


Video Marketing with Yellow Box Marketing


At Yellow Box Marketing we can help you create high quality 4k videos for your website, social media and marketing campaigns with our video production services.  We have experience producing videos for businesses in every industry. So if you want to tell your story, deliver your business message and educate your audience through a promotional video, contact us today at or on 01642 715340.


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