To get the most out of your PPC campaigns, you need to know all the elements you need to put in place in order for them to perform well. Your campaign should drive high-quality impressions and turn clicks into conversions.

Here are some tips to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns- 



Make sure tracking is set up and working from the outset so you can learn from the campaign quicker and more efficiently. Constantly tracking will help improve the performance of your campaign. You will want to track form, checkout, call, live chat- the lot.
Segmentation, goal setting, and custom columns will help with the tracking of your PPC campaign performance. Google Ads – as well as Microsoft Advertising – give you vast options to either just observe how different audiences engage with your ad, or to exclusively target users from the most relevant audiences for your business.


Utilise every aspect of your Ads

Ensure you use all the ad real estate. There is nothing worse than seeing an ad with only half the copy utilised and with no ad extensions either. It is like only filling half the billboard outside the train station, what’s the point? 

You need an effective copy that appeals to your target audience. Your ad copy should strive to solve your audience’s problems, highlight the benefits of your product/service, tap into their emotions and finish with a call to action. 

Ad extensions allow you to add in extra information about your service or product. A manual ad extension can include actions such as a call, review, or a link to your website. By utilising these sections in your paid search you will improve your visibility and your overall ROI. 


Be specific & have a campaign structure 

Make sure you don’t have one or two ads representing your entire business, or have all the same keywords in one large campaign with one bid covering everything. Group related products and services together so that the ad can easily represent all the keywords it will be triggered for. The landing page is relevant in all those scenarios and if this is not the case break it down. Think about the structure of your website against the products or services you offer. Break up your campaigns in to ad groups.
Your campaigns are connected to your marketing strategy and the business goals you want to achieve. So it is beneficial to have multiple, well structured campaigns. 

Optimise for mobile users

It is important to optimise your pay-per-click ads for mobile users as 93% of people who used mobile to research go on to make a purchase. This means when your customer clicks on your ad you need the landing page to be mobile-friendly. Otherwise, you are wasting time and money on your ad for your visitor to immediately leave your site when they try to click through. 
This also means you should focus on short-tail keywords for your PPC advertising as people on mobile will tend to search quick, short queries.
Conversion rates are usually lower on mobile. However, it’s an important part of the buying cycle to engage with your audience and get them onto remarketing lists.



Pay-per-click is a great option for small businesses that want to focus on localisation. For example, an electrician may want to appear when people search for electricians in a certain area. Such as ‘commercial electricians Teesside’, ‘commercial electricians Middlesbrough’, or ‘commercial electricians North East’. Adjusting your bids to pinpoint certain areas will help drive more relevant users.


Pay-per-click campaigns allow you to get in front of people who have already shown an interest. This is your chance to win them over and convince them to buy from you. You can do this by showing your features and benefits over your competitors. This is especially effective for audiences in the awareness stage of the buying process.
Google ads allows for various remarketing lists including remarketing for mobile apps, remarketing lists for search ads, video remarketing, and email list remarketing. Remarketing lists can keep a user on for up to 540 days.

Negative keywords 

Building and monitoring your negative keywords list will considerably improve your campaign, as well as save you money. You want to make sure you are appearing for the right audience. If you appear for the wrong keywords in search queries, your bounce rate will go up and your conversion rate will drop massively. Usually advertisers think certain keywords are generating the enquires. But with correctly set up conversion tracking you can see what is and isn’t working. This allows for optimisations with negative keywords.

Instead, start with just one or two keywords that are high in search volume and match the intent of your target visitor


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