So, you’ve got the perfect snap but it’s not quite there yet? Well you are in the right place! This short and sweet blog post will allow you to say adios, cya to that outdated Insta filter you have been using for years. Seriously, let’s leave Valencia and 1977 in the past guys.

With more ecommerce brands, restaurants and businesses joining social media platforms than ever before you’ve seriously got to push yourself to be seen and having some stand out ‘professional’ photos can make a serious difference. We have pulled together our 4 favourite FREE photo editing apps, proving that you don’t need an expensive camera or monthly editing service to create some serious stand out content.

Below we’ve shared our top 4 picks with a little about their key features and why the Yellow Box team love them so much! (these are by no means in order, we don’t think we could possibly pick an overall favourite)



Available iOS and Android | FREE

Foodie embraces that desire you get when you see an Insta worthy plate of food and takes your photo to an entirely new level! This easy to use app has over 30 filters all designed with food in mind!

Key features include;

– 30 styled filters and strength adjuster

– Brightness + Contrast

– Hue + Warmth

– Blur (portrait mode)

– ‘dust’ filter – grainy overlay

– Image Sharpener



Available iOS and Android | FREE

VSCO (vis-co) lets you quickly adapt your images without them looking over edited. Their subtle filters are great for creating an aesthetic for your feed and the simple 1×1 image crop tool means your Insta feed will stay consistent!

Key features include;

– 10 subtle one click filters and strength adjuster

– Skin tone + Hue

– Fade and Vignette

– White Balance

– Brightness + Contrast

– Quick 1×1 cropping tool



Available iOS and Android | FREE

Snapseed allows you to take full control of your photos! Forget greasy finger marks on a plate or out of place crumbs, with a simple click of the healing brush these are gone! Create stunning edited images and save your settings to ensure a consistent colour edit throughout your feed.

Key features include;

– 11 one click filters

– Double exposure overlay tool

– ‘Spot’ healing brush

– White balance

– Blur (portrait mode)

– Selective pinpoint editing



Available iOS and Android | FREE

Lightroom allows you to have the words most popular editing software on your mobile, seriously! This app allows you to create standout images using all the key elements of Adobe Photoshop. This app is great for product photography, it just may take a little time to figure out.

Key features include;

– Over 40 quick filters with adjuster

– Auto filter and correction

– Colour filters

– Sharpener tool

– White balance

– Brightness + Contrast



Available iOS and Android | FREE

Instasize brings you a start-to-finish photo editing tool on your mobile phone, from resizing to adding the final touches onto a completed picture. Use it when you need quick, high-quality photos on the go.

Key Features Include:

– Filter collections

– Advanced editing options like brightness, shadow, saturation, and hue

– Quick crop and resize options

– Border designs

– Text placement

– Beauty tools and basic video editing for iOS users


Now you’ve searched through app store for our top picks it’s time to get snapping! It’s fun to experiment with different styles and filters till you find your favourite. Why not take a look at our top tips for getting that dream shot HERE.

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