Whether it’s steak, sushi or the cheesiest pizza EVER, you cannot deny that you don’t check a place out on Instagram before you book a table. So why are so many restaurants/cafes missing a trick when it comes to capturing some serious Insta-worthy food snaps?

Long gone are the days of Instagram where pretending a quick snap of last night’s poorly made coffee or holiday snap on your business page, edited with the popular Valencia filter would entice your customers in. With Instagram now having over 1 billion active monthly users and more than 500 million users daily, it’s about time you got camera happy and that business feed looking follower ready…


Our top tips for taking a great photo

With iPhone or Android, the camera quality is now so good there is no stopping you when you pair that perfect snap with some of the pretty awesome editing apps. Now, let’s get your Instagram feed looking amazing and your customers double tapping. Here are some of our top tips for getting started;



There is nothing worse than photographing something that doesn’t excite you. If you are not excited then why should your followers be? Take a little more time to get creative with your food, add some final garnish or art to your coffee. The more exciting your item is the more you will get from your photos. We always head to Pinterest for inspiration, spend 10 minutes or so absorbing some beautiful plates of food, coffee and even cocktails!











No one wants to look at a watery cocktail. Keep your bar man handy with some fresh crushed or cubed ice to top your glass up. This avoids any unintentional colours splits and gives you a nice final finish along with your garnish. The same goes for your food, let’s face it wilted spinach won’t look good regardless of how much you edit it! Keep some fresh ingredients on shoot with you.



Let’s keep it simple, natural light tends to be your best friend and avoid your flash! Don’t confine yourself to one area, move around your location and experiment with different light sources, it will be obvious to you which areas work best but this also gives you different backgrounds and unintentional effects for your feed. Overcast days are perfect as the clouds act like I giant natural diffuser. We recommend getting a large sheet of white foam board, it’s a cheap and cheerful way to reflect light.



There is no set rule on how to angle your photo. For example, a pizza is better from above whereas a burger or tall drink look more appetising as a side shot. Think of what you are photographing beforehand, its size, height, shape and what makes it unique. Try moving your plate or glass around taking photos at various angles and pick your favourite later.

TIP – drinks tend to photograph best at a 45-degree angle, but rules are there to be broken right?



Consider your back drops and surface spaces.  Experiment with close ups and negative space, this allows you to mix your social feeds up and giving your food/drink ‘breathing space’ can create a more pleasing composition. Think about surfaces in your bar or restaurant, what is a key feature? Get this as a background in your photos… Lucky enough to have an amazing natural wood floor, get a stunning birds eye shot down there. Seriously get adventurous!


Now you’ve jotted down all of our top tips it’s time to get creative, impress your new followers and improve your social media feeds. Why not head to our blog post highlighting the teams top four FREE editing apps HERE!

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