It is easier than ever for potential customers to watch video clips online from your business. Whether it’s on social media, your website, or in an email campaign, engaging with video marketing has numerous benefits. Creating online video content can be a big factor in drawing in your audience’s attention, but what are the different types of videos you can use to market your business, and what are their purposes? 


Company Culture Videos 

Company culture videos are a great way to connect with your potential customers and clients. Through these videos, you can show off your company’s personality and values. 

Content such as ‘meet the team’ is ideal for putting faces to your business and making that human connection whilst adding authenticity to your company. This helps create trust between your business and your customers- which then creates leads and sales. 

Company culture videos can also be beneficial when it comes to hiring new staff. They give an insight into the people behind the company and the working environment.
With company culture videos you will want to focus on your mission and the values you want to get across to your audience. 


Product videos

Product demonstration videos can show off the features and benefits of what you are selling. They can show your customers why they need your product or service. These are beneficial videos for converting those customers who are in the awareness or consideration stage of the buyer’s journey. Product videos usually spark questions and could be the time that your audience will engage with you on a personal level.

As well as product demonstrations, product updates are also helpful to your existing customers. They will keep your customers up to date with the latest upgrades and releases. Your product video should generally run anywhere from 2–5 minutes for the best engagement results.


Explainer videos 

Compared to product videos, explainer videos are more educational. Your audience should come away from your video with extra knowledge. They are especially important if your business offers a service that isn’t easily understood. Ideally, they’d be placed on your homepage or landing page so your customers don’t have to go searching to recognise what you are all about. It is important to remain clear and concise with the information you provide. 

Explainer videos have the potential to be shareable content assets, so aim to make them engaging and try to connect with viewers on an emotional level.

You can share your ‘how to’ tips or a step-by-step tour. Even if you are just addressing your frequently asked questions, the explainer videos are something that can enhance your marketing strategy. These types of videos are great for establishing expertise and authority in your industry. 


Testimonial and case study videos

Testimonial videos are important to showcase the quality of your product or services. People love seeing real-life case studies of when something has been a success. How many times have you looked at the reviews section before making a purchase? People trust people’s opinions. 

Case studies showcase your work and explain to the viewer what you’ve achieved. They help show the journey to the end result. 

Testimonial videos and case studies are valuable to your marketing plan as they can be posted to your social media channels to show potential customers what others think of your business. They can also be reused so are beneficial in the long term too.


Promotional videos

Usually, between 1-3 minutes, promotional videos typically involve a call to action. Whether it’s to sign up to a newsletter/event, contact/visit you, save a date or visit your website, these videos can make your audience aware while giving them a feel for your business. Promotional videos are like personal invitations in a video format. 


Behind the scenes videos 

Behind the scenes, videos are perfect for social media. They give that extra insight into what the day-to-day life is at your company. You can post them on your social platform feeds or even on Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat stories for when you’re out and about. Many of these videos could even be filmed on your mobile devices, so you don’t even need any professional equipment as long as you still produce a high-quality video. Your goal with behind-the-scenes videos is to both inform and entertain. 

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