Hoping to get more eyes on your Instagram content this year? The key to your success lies in understanding one very important element of the app: it’s algorithm.Here’s 7 ways to beat the Instagram Algorithm for April 2023-

1. Consistently Share Instagram Reels

Did you know that Instagram Reels occupy twice as much space on the Instagram Explore page as image-based content?

As a result, by posting Reels regularly, you’ll improve the discoverability of your content and, in turn, the growth prospects for your account.

The best practice is to post a minimum of five Reels per week as this will allow you to leverage their power to the fullest extent.

2. Encourage More Interactions With Instagram Stories Stickers

Instagram Stories stickers are a great way to encourage audience engagement — and the more engagement your posts get, the higher they’ll be boosted by the Instagram algorithm.

There are lots of Instagram stickers, but the best ones for driving engagement are the poll, emoji slider, and question stickers.

TIP: Include a sticker on your first story for an added boost!

3. Drive Conversations With Engaging Captions

Instagram has confirmed comments and likes are important when it comes to feed ranking — so it’s a great idea to encourage as many as possible for your posts.

One of the best ways to do this? Write good captions that drive engagement.

This could be as simple as asking your followers to share their thoughts, double-tap if they agree, tag a friend in the comments, or click the link in your bio.

4. Add Hashtags and Keywords to Your Posts

This is an effective way to reach more people on Instagram, which means more “views” for the Instagram algorithm to take into account.

In a recent study, it was discovered that feed posts with 30 hashtags get the highest level of engagement on average.

30 hashtags may seem like a lot, but look at similar posts to yours which are performing well and see which hashtags they’ve used.

5. Cross-promote Your Instagram Content

If you’re looking for a quick and easy engagement win to help boost your algorithm ranking, cross-promoting your Instagram content is a great place to start.

Instagram Collabs posts (with co-shared authorship) are an incredible new way to reach new audiences.

You’ll share views, likes, and comments — allowing you to leverage and engage with each other’s communities.

6. Use Instagram Analytics to See What’s Working

Tracking and monitoring how your content is performing on Instagram is one of the most reliable ways to take on the Instagram algorithm.

Having a better understanding of what’s working (and what isn’t) will help you come up with a finely tuned marketing plan, saving you time and effort in the long run.

But diving into your Instagram Analytics means more than just finding out which photo, video, or Reel performed best.

Truly understanding how your content performs, by tracking key metrics over time, is vital to knowing what helps improve your ranking.

7. Create Remix Posts With Other Content Creators

Instagram Reels has a new video editing feature: Remix.

Remix allows users to record a video in response to an existing Reel — similar to TikTok’s popular Duet feature. It’s a new way to collaborate with creators and grow your reach on Instagram Reels.

Instagram will be favouring remix posts to push out this new feature, so make the most of it!


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