There are certain actions that help the algorithm to work with you, not against you. So, which results in the algorithm are pushing your reels out to more people?

1.When Viewers Watch Your Reels In Full

Or even re-watch your video! Watch time is key as it signals to the algorithm that your reel is engaging and quality content. The better the watch time the more it’ll get pushed out to more people. You can check this in the insights of the reel.

2. When Your Reels Get Shared

Again, this signals to the algorithm that your content is of good quality.

Not only will this encourage the algorithm to push your content further, you will also get views from those who the reel is shared too.

3. When Viewers Save Your Audio

f the audio you use is saved by viewers for them to use later, the algorithm favours this because you are encouraging people on the app to create content using that audio.

Top Tip! – Using trending audios means that people are more likely to use that audio to create their content.

4. When You Use Keywords In Your Reels

Use keywords both in the actual reel video content, as well as in the captions!

Using keywords helps the algorithm to categorise your content and show it to people who are more likely to want to see it. The more the algorithm gets this right, the more engagement and views from your target audience you should get.

5. When Viewers Click Follow From The Reel

The follow button on your reel is a great opportunity to pick up new followers.

Not only should you be encouraging viewers to hit that follow button, but when people do, the algorithm analyses those type of accounts and shows your content to more people just like them.

6. When Viewers Click On Your Profile & View Other Content

The algorithm wants to keep people on the platform. If people click from your reel through to your profile to view your other content this is a big tick because you are helping the algorithm do just that.


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