Search Engine Optimisation is the best way for any business to increase its organic traffic and rank higher in search engine results.
With a proven track record in helping small businesses get discovered, SEO also allows local businesses to grow in their areas due to it being an effective way to generate web traffic.

So what do you do if you don’t want to use paid search traffic to get more clicks? Well here is 5 ways to improve your SEO and organic traffic-



Make sure your content is SEO keyword-rich

Keyword research is a vital process to any SEO strategy. It lets you identify the exact phrase that your potential customers are searching for. Whether it is your website content, blog post, product description, or landing page, you need to choose industry-relevant words that visitors will engage with. Make sure your content is at a suitable, readable length.

When it comes to ranking positions, search engines love new, unique content. So it’s important to update your content regularly. You should however avoid keyword stuffing.

So to make your content SEO keywords effective, you should focus on one or two keywords and let synonyms and variations of them come up naturally.

Have an Easy to use Website

Making sure your website is easy for users to navigate is important. Not only to increase your website’s traffic, but for a seamless load time so your bounce rate will be low. Having a reliable website host offers guaranteed uptime and quick servers. So this means your website visitors can easily look around your website without having to wait for pages to load.

Even a 1 second delay in load times can cause you problems as it can lead to a 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views, and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.

Use SEO Analytic Tools

SEO analytic tools are a great way to identify what’s popular terms in search engines and how you can rank better.
SEO tools can also help save you time and money. They can quickly do competitor analysis, track your positioning, site audits, and keyword research.
Using these handy tools can enhance your existing well-ranking page. Many tools offer the ability to identify new areas you could rank for, retargeting, and what you’re missing.
Plugins such as Semrush SEO writing assistant and Yoast SEO can help improve your readability, suggest related keywords, and check your SEO score when writing content.


SEO tools


Have Strong Meta Descriptions and Titles

It is important to optimize your titles, alt tags, and descriptions by including your target keywords. Meta descriptions that contain information about a user’s search query mean your website will have a better chance of improving your organic search traffic. The first thing that search engines such as Google or Bing look at when ranking your website is the metadata and the use of keywords in the first paragraph of your content.

An intriguing title will help catch people’s attention and get them clicking on your content. The meta description and title should give an insight into what your visitor should expect whilst making sure essential keywords are included to help with your search results. The combination of both together will prove to search engines that you are a trustworthy, authentic source.



Increase your Backlinks and Internal Links

Backlinks and internal links can help massively when it comes to helping you rank well in the search engines.
Factors that make backlinks effective include- 

  • It is to a website that is related to your industry
  • The link is from a high-quality article with a fast load time
  • The site has a good domain authority and is trustworthy


By producing high-quality content you’ll naturally attract backlinks and social media shares. This will drive your website traffic and increase your credibility.
Alternatively, Internal links are links to other pages of your website and your content. So they can lead to visitors staying on your website for longer as they look at other web pages.


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