Having a social media presence is great for businesses, but you need to make sure you know what you’re doing. Pushing out irrelevant content that your audience can’t connect to is pointless and won’t help you achieve your business goals. So here are 5 reasons your social media marketing is not working for you- 


Lack of Consistency

Posting on your social media once in a blue moon is not beneficial. By regularly posting you will slowly but surely grow your followers and engagement rate. Having a content calendar will really help you structure what you are posting out. Here you will see what has gone out, what is scheduled to be posted, and what you need to add-in. 


When you have consistency in your posting you will gain trust from potential customers and they will be more willing to buy from you. How many times have you gone on to a business’s social media page and been turned off from not seeing they haven’t posted in months? Consistency is key! 


You Don’t Understand your Audience 

You need to know what your audience likes, dislikes, and wants to know. There is no point in posting about something your audience is disinterested in or has no benefit to them. This also links to making sure you provide high-quality customer service through social media. A positive interaction online will keep bringing visitors back and create leads. Social media is great for answering your customer’s questions and starting conversations. You need to make sure that your target audience and what they want is clearly defined. 


Poor Content

Visuals make a big difference when it comes to getting people’s attention online. Whether it is a professional image or video footage, it will help draw potential customers in and showcase your product or service. Posting long passages of text can lose people’s attention so the key on social media is to be simple and to keep it snappy. If you are writing lots of content, break it up with images, videos, or GIFs. 


Your content needs to provide your audience with something. That could be to inform or to entertain. If your audience feels like they have gained something from your content, it is more than likely brand loyalty will be gained and they will return. This means your content shouldn’t be too sales orientated. You need to show you are able to solve potential customers’ problems. You can do this through the power of storytelling where it isn’t a straight-up sales pitch. 

No Testing is Being Done 

A/B testing on social media is a powerful tool for making the best ads for your specific situation. By splitting your audience into groups with different variations of the same ad helps determine what makes great content and what has the best response. This can help maximise your social media marketing strategy. 

It can also help you see the difference in preferences amongst social media platforms. For example, the ad you run on Facebook may not be as effective on Instagram, you will need to change some variables such as calls to action. 


You Don’t Track Your Performance

Looking at how your social media posts are doing will help you create and define your marketing strategy. Here you will be able to monitor what posts are successful. As well as what calls to action bring in the most website visitors or followers. This also links to A/B testing. It’s all well and good setting up different versions of posts but you need to monitor the outcomes for the best results. 


Social Media Marketing with Yellow Box Marketing 

At Yellow Box Marketing we can help you create engaging and creative content that is targeted to your audience. We can provide your audience with a positive online experience with our social media management service and keep your social pages active. If you want to know more about our social media marketing, email us at hello@yellowboxmarketing.co.uk or make an online inquiry now.

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