SEO improves your website’s overall searchability and visibility. It is your 24-hour salesperson that is always working, even when you’re not. Although moving up the rankings is a gradual process, organic search is most often the primary source of website traffic so it is worthwhile investing in an SEO strategy.

If you are considering upping your SEO efforts, here are 5 reasons why SEO is important to your business-

Increases Traffic

Inevitably as your website ranks higher in the search engines, you will get more traffic to your website. Search engines take into account your click-through rate when ranking you and moving up just one spot in search results can increase CTR by an amazing 30.8%.

Optimising your website and its content for search engines will lower your bounce rate, increase the number of visitors to your site and improve the overall user experience.

Having other businesses link to your site will also bring you more traffic as you will be able to provide visitors with further information.

Out of all searches on Google, 46% are local so tailoring your content to areas where your business offers products/services will have an impact. How many times have you searched for something with ‘near me’ on the end or your location? Having local SEO helps narrow down an audience’s search and will provide you with more valuable traffic.


SEO can have a positive impact on your ROI. Local SEO can really benefit your return on investment as your visibility is enhanced so customers can easily find answers to their questions. Search engine optimisation will lead to long-term growth in sales. Useful content that is optimised will bring in quality traffic that will potentially bring in leads and sales. You need to understand what your audiences need and how you can help them.

When someone searches for something, they are somewhere along the buyer journey. Whether they are just researching or ready to buy your product or service, you need to be there in the top results to help.

Brand Awareness

More visibility = more brand awareness. The more audiences see your website appear, the more they will recognise you and your business. SEO helps build long-term equity for your brand. You’ll be able to reach your target audiences more easily.

Although paid ads are beneficial and get you straight to the top, 70-80% of search engine users are only focusing on the organic results so it is vital to start taking your search engine optimisation seriously and boost your online presence.

Builds Trust

Google has a lot of authority so people will trust top results that appear on there. More clicks to your website can boost the credibility of your business. Your own page authority also contributes to how the search engines rank you. Building trust and authority organically will build your SEO.

By creating informative content for your on page SEO, you will also establish trust within your industry. If you know what you are talking about and provide your audience with what they need to know, then people will keep returning back to you. A high-quality, up-to-date website will also build trust by showing you are active and authentic.

Your Competition is Doing it

You could be losing potential customers to your competition if you don’t have SEO work in place because most likely your competition are already investing in their search engine optimisation. Results on the first page of a Google search get over 90% of traffic so you can’t afford to miss out.
You can monitor keywords that have a lot of competition from businesses like yours and see which are the best ones to aim for. You can use it to your advantage by finding your competitor’s weaknesses and targeting what they are missing out on.

Search Engine Optimisation With Yellow Box Marketing

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