User generated content is now one of the best ways to utilise your social media presence. So if you don’t know, get to know! We’ve compiled this list of 4 UGC video ideas to help you get started-

“Before and after” videos

Before and after videos work really well, for example you could encourage customers to share a short video showcasing their bathroom before and after installing the retailer’s tiles, or show the before and after of using a particular product for a cosmetic brand e.g. Mascara.

Anything that shows a particularly big positive impact being made is sure to capture a potential customer’s eye.

“How to use” videos

Ask customers to create a short video tutorial showing how easy a product is to use, an example would be a pushchair, showing how easily a pram can fold down and be stored in the boot of a car.

This can help reassure potential customers that the product is easy to use, as well as provide them with some helpful tips.

“Show & tell” videos

Another idea would be a show & tell style video, where customers would create a video showing the product. Emphasising the smaller design details and telling their audience about the product. A background story on the brand & how they find the product useful.

This type of video can be particularly effective when a customer is searching for more information about a particular product, to re-enforce their buying decision.

“Product review” videos

One of the best UGC videos you can utilise is a product review video.

Ask them to share what they liked about the product, how easy they were to install or use, and how it’s benefitted them over time.

People trust people.

In conclusion

One of the best ways to get customers to create UGC videos is by offering a discount of future purchases or affiliate codes to use on your website.

It’s also important to ensure that the videos meet your brand’s guidelines and are of good quality to maintain a professional image.


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