If you haven’t done so already, joining social media should be the top priority of your digital marketing strategy. Having a social media presence is a fast and effective way to reach your customers, gain valuable insights on your industry and consumer behaviours. It is also a great way to grow your brand awareness.

With over 3.78 billion daily active social media users in 2020, it shows how important having an online presence is when it is so easy to reach such a large audience.

Not only is social media used as a social network but it is also a great way to digitally advertise your brand and products.  

Your audience is

Firstly, social media is arguably the easiest way to get your business in front of a large audience. Whether that’s building relationships with your existing customers or reaching out to potential customers.

Customers choose brands to buy from based on trust and recognition. By posting regularly online you can build and prove your credibility. 

Social media management is also an effective customer service management tool. Simply be present on different channels based on your customers preference. By proving to your audience you provide responsive, rapid replies to queries, you build up a loyal customer base. 

Social media has the ability to humanise your company. Through posting glimpses of behind the scenes on your feed it make audiences understand what your company represents. When you are regularly active, sharing content and commenting on popular social networking sites, you are personifying your brand.

For this reason, having a better connection with your audience will lead you to more loyal customers as studies show 72% of users are also likely to recommend a brand to others after having a positive experience with it on social media.

Your competitor is


Social media is part of competitor research. You can see what people in the same industry as you are doing, their pain points and how you can utilise that. So you can use this information to influence your content ideas and other areas of your marketing strategy.

Looking at your competitor enables you to see how competitors are engaging with their customers. So you can see what tone of voice they are using and what they are offering.  Additionally, you can also see what their audiences are asking them. As a result of this, you can work out how to respond to their questions on your own page.

Furthermore, you don’t want your competitors to be on a social media platform that you’re not. This runs the risk of potential customers choosing them over you. However, a positive interaction on social networking platforms can lead to customers picking you over your competition.

Also, with your social media presence you have the ability to establish strong brand authority. This is done by showcasing your extensive knowledge about your product and industry in comparison to others in your field.

You’ll also benefit by easily seeing what’s new and trending in your industry. Online networking sites can give you valuable industry insights which can alter your social media strategy. 


Social Media

You can target your audience with specific content and drive them to your website to purchase your service or product

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can gather information on the audience your brand is targeting to help you tailor your content as 75% of people buy a product after they see it in their social media feeds. You have the ability to find out everything about your potential buyers from age, gender, location and interests.

These analytical tools allow you to monitor how well your posts are doing. By actively taking steps to improve your content through analysing your click through and engagement rates, you will positively impact the overall growth of your company.

In addition, you can regularly ask your customers for feedback about your services/products on social networking sites. As a result, you will be able to make sure you are delivering exactly what your customers want. 

Social media ads are an extremely cost effective way to share content and promote your brand on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, they let you choose to only show ads to the most qualified demographics.

Compared to traditional marketing, online adverts are lower in cost and can be tailored around your budget and needs. As a result, they are beneficial as they let you share information directly to your target audience.

With targeted online campaigns you can design them to increase focus and improve your ROI. With the knowledge online analytical tools provide you with, your targeted campaign will expose you to your key audiences.

Social Media Marketing With Yellow Box Marketing 

At Yellow Box Marketing we provide social media marketing so we can help you promote your business, interact with your customers and keep your business pages active.

Working with a social media strategy will lead to greater customer satisfaction and improve your brand loyalty. As well as, better SEO rankings and increasing your engagement rate.

Get in touch today with us today on hello@yellowboxmarketing.co.uk or call us at 01642 715340 to see how we can increase your website traffic and manage your social media through targeted adverts.

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