Creating new content to post daily over on your LinkedIn page can sound like a daunting task, right? However, if you’re posting on behalf of your own business this can be made significantly easier by the availability of new content everywhere you look…

Got a website? A blog? A team of SUPER talented people? Promoting your existing services, showing off recently completed work and celebrating the achievements of your team are great ways to give your LinkedIn page a little personal touch – and quickly ramp up the engagement rate across your posts. Here are the 10 things we think you should be posting on LinkedIn that your business already has.

1. Create content that your potential customer will gain value from. For example, if you’re a restaurant it may be a recipe for your infamous dish (don’t forget the mouth-watering photos) or if you’re a PR agency you might share how to write the perfect press release, by doing this you establish your authority as an expert in your field and build trust with your potential new customers. You may be thinking, how can I give away everything I do? But, in the case of a PR agency you’ll find that your potential clients may not be the ones who want to write a press release for themselves!

2. Offer your followers a “behind the scenes” look at your office or premises. Make your business seem ‘real’. Prospective clients will see your workspace, your projects and staff as more relatable and reachable, and you’ll build up a positive reputation and relationship with your network. Maybe take out that coffee cup that’s been sitting there for a day or so and have a little spring clean first though…

3. Show off your work – with your client’s permission of course! Let prospective clients know you’re proud of your work, why wouldn’t you be? Choose which projects to showcase carefully – go for particularly striking or successful campaigns or finished products to get a discussion going.

4. Celebrate team achievements, milestones or birthdays. Show off the people behind your business with a personal touch. Rewarding a team member for a long employment with your business makes you stand out as a great employer, and you’ll reach a whole new network by tagging your staff. Oh, and also cake. Birthday cakes go down a treat!

5. Bring your followers along to a one-off event, or show off an exciting delivery.  Just got a new camera for your videographer? Create a short unboxing video or share some exciting photos to let your network know about the new services you’re offering. If your business is invited along to a networking event, awards evening or even just an on-site meeting with a client, document the experience! You never know who you could reach.

6. Share videos or photos from your business over the years. Have you moved premises, invested in some office design, or hired more staff? Share photos and memories of your business growth to let potential clients know that you’re doing big things.

7. Celebrate your company milestones. An easy source of content comes in the form of company milestones. Worked with 100 satisfied customers? Got your 50th 5-star review? Let your network know! Not only will you boost employee morale, you can show off your proven track record to potential new customers. Win, Win.

8. Create team profiles – who are they and what do they do for your business? Employees are ambassadors for your business. When they like and share your content on LinkedIn, it makes this content visible to their network – potentially, that’s hundreds of extra people viewing your articles and photos! You could create a post for each employee; for each team within your company or even just showcase new starters. The more interaction with these posts, the higher up the LinkedIn rankings your business is going to appear. With some hashtags relevant to your niche, you might find a source of new interest coming from your employees’ networks.

9. Share job opportunities! If you’ve got a position opening at your company, try to tailor a short post – or create an eye catching graphic. You’re likely to find more suitable candidates who will engage with your business than by posting on generic job-search sites – and you’ll be able to attract a wave of interested candidates to interact with your posts!

LinkedIn is primarily a business to business social network. Your posts should be business related, but that’s not to say you can’t add some of your personality to them. By using information and media that your business already has, you can boost your following and engagement, making it more likely that you’ll generate leads and enquiries for your business.

Maybe it’s time to dig through your folders and get posting.

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